When it's time to share the results of your work with the world, nothing is more important than flawless communication. Too often we see the valuable findings and innovative solutions that have world-changing potential turned down for publication. Or restricted to only the most limited of audiences with marginal press.

For both individuals and institutions, the SYBE RISPENS science writing team offers editing and proofreading services that can take your work from obscurity to prominence. Editing services are available in English, German and Dutch.

We are not only attentive to the finer points of grammar and punctuation, we can actually help you craft an appealing story that has popular applications and broad appeal. Mainstream media attention to your work can leverage all manner of supportive resources, such as investments, scholarships, or positions in academia.

Our Team consists of knowledgeable scientists (with PhDs) and science journalists as well as experienced editors and communications consultants (many of them native speakers). We are excited to promote your work to the widest audience for maximum benefit.

Contact us, if you need further information.

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